Children who live in places so broken that people avoid them at all cost are at risk every day for their lives. Without clothes, they become prey for sexual predators. Without food, they starve. Without schooling, their chances at knowing the difference between right and wrong, or realizing their self-potential, is none.

Children and Youth Salvation Inc. is a foundation that helps provide all these things, with your help, to children across America and the world.

By clothing underprivileged children, they gain respect for themselves, along with their community. This simple act helps to empower them and deters sexual and emotional abuse.
By feeding them, we give them a chance to live. To have a healthy life without the risk of malnutrition, starvation, or poisoning.

By giving them school supplies, we give them an opportunity at better attaining knowledge that can save their lives. That can better the future of this world. That can give them a fighting chance at survival while surrounded by poverty and death. That can help them avoid exploitation and abuse.

Children are our future, all of us. It is our responsibility to help them grow into strong, smart men, and women that will one day share their own good fortune, with the world.

Our Mission

Children and Youth Salvation Inc. is on a mission to provide self-respect training, clothing and school supplies to underprivileged children. But doing so, we are able to empower and support them.

Children and Youth Salvation Inc. purpose is to stop child abuse and poverty.

We provide a promising life for our children as we help transform their lives in the United States and around the world.